MauBank Is Now Operational

The MauBank is now the third largest bank in the country, after the MCB and the SBM. Its launching was announced back in September 2015 and was created through the merging of the Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank (MPCB) and the National Commercial Bank (NCB; the ex-Bramer).

The launching of the MauBank back in September 2015. Photo credits:

MauBank is now operational. As from today, all the branches of the MPCB and NCB will operated under the name MauBank. The services of the two banks, namely Internet Banking, as well as debit and credit cards, will still be functional. The 36 branches of both banks as well as the 40 ATMs will also be operational.

Since the two banks are now merged, clients of the MPCB will be able to use their bank cards in the branches of the NCB and vice-versa. As such, all the information of the bank accounts will remain valid under the MauBank.

A technical team was at work last week-end to ensure that all the bank transactions would run smoothly today, says the CEO, Sridhar Nagarajan, in a statement to l’ He adds that all the procedures were done without any external assistance from firms other than the two banks (the MPCB and the NCB) except for the rebranding and the reorganisation of the human resources.

He explains that the focus will initially be on the 10 SME Smart Branches in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Financial plans are currently being finalised. Certain programmes will be put at the disposal of the firms via My Biz, the one-stop-shop of the SMEDA. The other pillars of the bank, namely the corporate, the retail and the international banking will also be consolidated this year.

Furthermore, the official opening of the bank is scheduled for the third week of January.

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