Mauritius on High Terrorism Alert – 22 January 2016

The peaceful island of Mauritius is currently on high terrorism alert (22 January 2016) following a threatening email sent to the Prime Minister’s Office by ISIS. More information will be updated on this page as they are made available.


Photo for illustration only – The above photo is not in Mauritius

The email is claimed to be authored by Ismaël Sundrun. It is not known until now whether it was sent as a sick joke, or if it actually constitutes real menace.

The email includes threats of attacks to be executed today, Friday January 22, in several regions of the island. It cannot be retraced because the IP address has been manipulated.

The police force of Mauritius is currently focusing on the case.

I.S is a Mauritian who has allegedly released a propaganda video on the Internet last year calling Mauritians to join the DAESH group.


  • The reaction is not needed against receiving an e-mail. ISIS does not forwarn of attacks, if this is from the convert who recently released a video then his anger means that he will hold a grudge and take action sometime in to the future. Maybe after ISIS fragments after losing its territory and he is freer to take action. The authorities need to analyze better and plan for the future.

    • No, of course people don’t need to reconsider their travel plans. Mauritius isn’t a terrorism hotspot or even a mildly lukewarm spot. It’s as safe as anywhere else that’s dependent on tourism (which does mean the authorities must not get complacent).

      It seems that this scare was caused by an idiot who wanted to get into the papers. Something similar happened a few months ago. As Andy points out, IS (unlike the Irish terrorists in the UK) don’t send advance notice of their attacks, though they do like to play the bogeyman with their vile videos.

      Just watch out for the morons shooting bats – a far bigger danger than IS in Mauritius.

  • This is so sad. I flew back from Mauritius to SA on the 9 15 am flight yesterday the 22nd. I had the most humbling experience on the island and with the Mauritian community. You are in my prayers!

  • There is no terrorist threat in Mauritius. Yes maybe there are some individuals being recruited but those are just braindead ones, I can say Mauritians are peaceful people. We don’t want war and we’re not stupid to be taken in by the stupid ideology of ISIS and, if they ever did bomb our country, you can be sure our current Prime Minister would take the strongest action possible. This is a tiny island, thus we react fast.. there is no place to hide here and none of us would ever sympathise with such people.

  • I find this very worrying as it was our plan to try living there. I spent two wonderful years on this beautiful island and the Mauritian people are amazing. Please don’t allow outside influences to scar this fabulous island

  • After the dreadful Paris attacks there were comments in the media that it “could never happen here” because Mauritius was the safest country in the world. How naive was that? Terrorism, like many things both good and bad, is truly international.

    I fervently hope this is is just some moronic attention-seeker who needs to be locked up for his/her own good. But Mauritius, as a tourism-dependent country, is certainly a potential target. We know that there are IS sympathisers in the country just as there are in all parts of the world.

    So let’s stop the complacency and, without getting paranoid, start taking the overall threat seriously. But also we have to defy Insanity State and tell them where to stuff their threats and bombs. There are far more of us than there are of them, and the forces of moderation and decency will always win out in the end.

  • That is a very sad state of affairs. We lived in Mauritius for ten years and they were memorable with all thevfreindly people and the general sense of a relaxed environment that everyone loved. I hope the authorities can resolve this problem and have the environment back to normal very quickly. Good luck in all your efforts and my thoughts and good wishes are with you all.

  • Too awful to contemplate but I think the people of MAuritius are way too peaceful to let an evil force like that take a foothold. A threat like this could however destroy an island whose economy is largely based on tourism.I pray this does not happen

  • How dumb to put that photo there, are you trying to scare people from the island? I know you said it is not in Mauritius but most people won’t see that. Terrible reporting.

  • US security inteligence had warned Mauritius Govt. of a terorist cell in Mauritius. Theh even provided names. Question to the Govt. .What did they do with the information. Who knew? High level of EU tourists come to Mauritius, easy targets.If Mauritius cannot maintain a security, let US intelligence come and lift these people and why security at the airpot do not stop and question all young men travelling to Syria Turkey Saudi Yemen. Why on earht Mauritius open airline route with Turkey when everyone know that is the route to ISIS. PM is apeasing some of his muslim senior MPs.

    • I think we Mauritian can take care of ourself we do not need the interference of other country especially not us as we have seen the consequences of American interference in many countries. Mauritius is our paradise island and will surely remain so. If some people from certain specific countries are bad that doesn’t mean we should end all relationship with them or don’t establish any relationship. We should not dramatise and involve other powers which are here just waiting for an opportunity to invade other peaceful countries and destroy the country completely.

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