Missing US Ship Horizon Trader Accused of Illegally Dumping Toxic Wastes in Indian Ocean

Horizon Trader, an American ship transporting toxic substances, is missing. Indian authorities are currently trying to retrace it. It was last localised in Mauritian waters.

Tug vessel Gauntlet without stranded ship Horizon Trader.

The last time the ship’s whereabouts were known was back on December 30, last year, when it was in Mauritian waters. It got stranded and was to be towed by tug vessel Gauntlet; they were supposed to return to India. However, when the Indian authorities localised the towing vessel near the coast of Maharashtra, they found that the ship was not with it.

India has sought help from the French to locate the ship.

On the other hand, the Basel Action Network (BAN) whose role is to internationally monitor toxic wastes suspects that the American ship has deliberately ‘gone missing’ so that it could get rid of its toxic wastes in the Indian Ocean.

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