North Korea Conducts Hydrogen Bomb Test

North Korea claims to have conducted a successful test involving a hydrogen bomb. The news was announced following the detection of a 5.1 magnitude quake near the Punggye-ri site in the country.

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The hydrogen bomb test was announced on state television: the press release explained that it was conducted on January 6, 2016.

Following the detection of the epicentre of the quake in the north-east of the country by the US Geological Survey, it was suspected that a bomb test had perhaps indeed been done.

It is thought that North Korea might have already performed 3 underground nuclear tests in the past decade. The newest one seems to be a hydrogen bomb that generates much more energy; it is said to be more powerful than an atomic bomb. It is made through the nuclear fusion of hydrogen isotopes turned into heavier elements.

This revelation has not pleased the world. Just like its 2013 test had engendered great condemnation from the UN Security Council, world authorities are expected to speak out again this time. Already, the Prime Minister of Japan has described the latest test as being a “serious threat to the safety of his nation”. On the other hand, North Korea justifies its actions: its state media had previously said that it deserved to have nuclear weapons.

Experts will now attempt to confirm whether it was really a hydrogen bomb that was tested.

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