Patten College Closed For 2 Days After 5 Girls Were Hospitalised

Patten College will remain closed tomorrow and the following day because five girls had to be hospitalised.


Five students of Patten College situated at Rose-Hill have been hospitalised.

The girls are reported to have felt unwell in class. They were later admitted to Victoria hospital at Candos. According to l’, two of them are in the hospital since January 22.

It is thought that the reason behind is a bug species. An insecticide was sprayed in the classrooms following the discovery of the bug.

When the Private Secondary Schools Authority (PSSA) was informed of the situation, it was decided to have the educational institution closed for some time as a measure of precaution.

The school will, therefore, remain closed tomorrow (Tuesday, January 26), and the following Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a report from the Ministry of Health is being prepared.

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