Port-Louis To Transform Into A Cultural City

In a bid to turning Port-Louis into a cultural city, the State Land Development Company intends to add amusement parks, pedestrian streets, and stalls for artists.


Port-Louis which has remained our administrative city for long now will soon be transformed – its role will made to shift to being a cultural city. With the setting up of Smart Cities in the near future and the delocalisation of the ministries to Heritage City, Port-Louis will be ‘vacated’ to accommodate for the incoming changes.

Among the new projects features a path where stalls for artists will be installed. It will start at Place d’Armes, extending into Intendance, Jules-Koenig, and eventually, Pope-Hennessy streets. It will finally end at Champ-de-Mars.

As for the racecourse, it will be used to hold amusement parks and a circus on Saturdays.

Other sites bearing historical value will also be included.

Furthermore, the area falling between Royal and Sir-William-Newton streets will be changed into paved pedestrian paths.

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