Projects 2016: Road Construction, Smart Cities, And Hotels

A number of projects featuring on the plan of the Fast Track Committee of the Ministry of Finance will kick off this year, namely the Road Decongestion Programme, and the Smart Cities, among others.


Road Construction

Several roads will be constructed simultaneously as from July including phases 2 and 3 of the Ring Road that would entail a tunnel under Signal Mountain and the viaduct at Vallée-des-Prêtes.

An interchange will be constructed at Decaen street, Port-Louis, to allow drivers to have access to the capital without having to go through La Place d’Armes. Another interchange will be built at Phoenix.

Two other roads — one linking Soreze to Coromandel (A1M1) and the other connecting Coromandel to Gros-Cailloux (A1A3) — are also included in the projects.

The construction of 5 roads will cost around Rs 15 billion.

Smart Cities at Roches-Noires

The Chinese group YIHE will start the construction of two hotels, a marina, a number of chalets as well as a business park. These will be fit into a plot of land of 800 acres. Furthermore, several hubs will be instituted such as the Convention Hub, the IT Business Centre and Education Hub, the Wellness Hub, and an Incubation Hub.

Trianon City

83 acres of land will be turned into Trianon City. Promoters from Hermes Properties will ensure the smooth running of the project. Rs 17 billion are to be invested over 12 years to construct a residential area and commercial spaces.

Fishing port

The construction of a fishing port will be launched by Chinese firm LHF Marine Development at Bain-des-Dames. A quay and other buildings to store fish will be initially built. Followed by a floating restaurant and a fish market. Thereafter, another quay will be built to accommodate for cruise ships.

Heritage City

An administrative city, Heritage City, will be set up in 2019. Situated near Bagatelle Dam, it will accommodate for the Parliament, the PM’s Office, and other similar offices.

Mon Tresor Airport City

This will entail a building for offices. The infrastructure will be located near the Airport Hotel.

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