Rock Trafficking: Chinese Firm CWE Denies Allegations

The Project Manager of China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE), Wang Peng, has denied any association with the said rock trafficking that is claimed to be financially detrimental to the State.


Following the complaint of the Water Resources Unit involving suspicions of an illegal rock trafficking market that allegedly sprouted from Midlands, the Chinese Firm in charge of the works pertaining to the building of the Bagatelle Dam was put in the spotlight.

The police had found 10,000 tonnes of rocks suspected to have come from a construction site at La Chartreuse, Midlands, that is said to supply the construction of Bagatelle Dam. This is how CWE (or one in charge of the company) was suspected of being involved in the trafficking.

Now, reports that Project Manager Wang Peng not only denies the allegations but also reserves the right to sue Water Resources Unit (organisation under the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities) that, according to him, has tried to damage its reputation.

In a statement to Radio Plus, he said being ready to explain themselves. Furthermore, he has affirmed that the company has always abided by the terms of the contract of the Bagatelle Dam.

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