Two Ambulances Attacked At Grand-Bois & Beau-Sejour

The emergency services of the country have had to deal with two cases of violence on January 5 at Grand-Bois and Beau-Sejour.


Two SAMU ambulances have been subjected to the anger of Mauritians on the same day, Tuesday, January 5: at 17h25 at Grand-Bois, and at 00h20 at Beau-Sejour.

Attack at Grand-Bois

The driver and three members of the medical personnel of an ambulance from Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital which was called at the health centre of Grand-Bois were attacked. The medical team was able to find shelter in the health centre. But, the driver who remained outside had to face around 15 individuals who assaulted him.

In a statement to, he says that this has happened for the first time in his 26 years of service: he is injured, his eye is swollen, and one of his teeth is broken.

The people blamed them for coming late after being called. However, he insists that they did not delay after receiving the emergency call.

Attack at Beau-Sejour

The other case at Beau-Sejour involved a drunk man who was to be brought to Victoria Hospital. He attacked the vehicle and broke two windows. Thankfully, his family and the medical personnel were able to bring him under control. The driver filed a complaint at the police station of Quatre-Bornes.

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