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WhatsApp For Free: No More Annual Subscription Fee

WhatsApp (WA) will now be completely free.

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Some years ago, it was announced that new users would have to pay 99 cents annually following the first year; before that, the service used to be completely free, having no subscription fee.

Yesterday, though, the Facebook-owned company declared the new change: free service to all.

In a statement on a blog post, its founder Jan Koum explains that the annual-fee-measure was not working well because many WA users do not own a debit or credit card. The fee is, therefore, still a barrier to these users who fear lest they won’t be able to continuing using the service to connect with their family and friends.

The firm also says that it will proceed into new avenues to enable people to connect with others through the service. New ways might be introduced to assist users to communicate better; for instance, interactions between businesses and consumers might be made possible, like a bank could reach out to its clients concerning transactions through a WA account.

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