98% of Chagos Islanders Wish To Return To Their Archipelago

98% of the people from the Chagos Islands who have participated in a survey last year are in favour of returning to their natal country, as indicated by the results of an analysis published by the Foreign Commonwealth Office.


The survey, an initiative of the UK government, was carried out from August to October last year. The participants were people from the Chagos Islands living in countries like Australia, Canada, France, the UK, Seychelles, and Mauritius.

While 98% of the people responded affirmatively to returning to their country, only 25% were in favour of it despite the conditions imposed by the UK. Most of them, however, wanted to return with “more humane conditions”, reports DefiMedia.info. They said to be ready to go through training in tourism and other fields to find a job in the island.

The figures challenge the argument of the UK purporting that only few Chagos Islanders were inclined to returning. It is not known how the UK authorities will deal with the conclusion of the survey. On the other hand, the Mauritian government has rejected the results because it deems Mauritius the only one to have the right to conduct such a study. It has also reaffirmed its right to the archipelago.

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