Aftermath of Torrential Rain: Market Traders Seek Government Assistance

The Market Traders Association is asking for governmental help to relaunch their activities following the stormy weather conditions.


Given the weather conditions that persisted last week, market stalls are expected to constitute less variety as the price of vegetables soars; the availability of greens like lettuce has been affected the most while vegetables like the eggplant and squash are in stock.

The increase in price of vegetables in the aftermath of the rainy weather conditions is not inconvenient to consumers only. Rather, the market gardeners are also adversely affected. They were compelled to close their stalls early yesterday because of the lack of goods and the difficulties entailed in selling those being sold at high prices.

The critical situation might worsen further in the coming days — the Market Traders Association, therefore, seeks the assistance of the government to have loan facilities to relaunch their activities after the torrential rain.

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