Attracting More Travellers From Australia To Visit Mauritius

The Mauritian government looks forward to attracting more travellers from Australia. An agreement has been signed last week, on February 4.


Last year, around 17,900 Australians visited the country while around 8,500 Mauritius went to Australia. These figures might change with the new measures.

As from now, airline companies from Mauritius and Australia will be able to operate up to 7 flights per week between the two countries. Furthermore, the Australian firms might also use Mauritius as a “Hub” for other destinations.

The trick now will be to bring the agreement to fruition.

Air Mauritius currently has 3 flights per week to Perth. It used to include Sydney and Melbourne too but these flights were stopped back in 2013 because they were not deemed viable economically. Furthermore, the high cost of air tickets and lack of direct flights would allegedly discourage the great number of Mauritians living in the land of the kangaroo (around 51,325 of them back in 2011) to visit the island. But, now, with more Australian airline companies having the opportunity to connect the two countries to a greater extent, the situation might change. Also, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority has recently concocted a series of marketing strategies to have more people from Australia visit Mauritius.

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