Crime at Camp-de-Masques: The Murderer’s Version

The funeral of the two victims, Yeshna and Reshma Rughoobin, was scheduled for yesterday. The parents of young Yeshna had returned to the island from Australia. A number of Mauritians and political personalities had gone to pay their respects to the family of the victims. What led to such a tragedy? The murdered gave his own version to the police: he said that he had intended to convince the grandmother of his love for the teenage girl (who was supposedly his ex-girlfriend), and after getting an unwanted response, he attacked them.

Funeral of the two victims.

The crime perpetrated at Camp-de-Masques on Friday, February 26, has left Mauritians in a state of shock and outrage. A 13-year-old girl, Yeshna, and her grandmother, Reshma, died after they were assaulted by a 17-year-old young man; the latter has been arrested.

The young man, who claims to be the girl’s ex-boyfriend, explains that he had gone to the girl’s house to convince her grandmother of his love. However, the elderly woman was not open to the idea. In his statement to the police, he said that the grandmother attacked him with a knife; then, he defended himself with a pocket knife that was in his possession. It is said that he stabbed the elderly woman 13 times.

Some time later, as he was trying to clean the blood marks from the house, the young girl and her brother returned from school. When the 12-year-old boy attempted to inform the neighbours, the aggressor stabbed him. He also attacked the girl who eventually died after being stabbed 7 times. The young man narrates that he had then tried to kill himself.

The police had then discovered the corpse of the girl, and then that of her grandmother. They also found the aggressor: he had been in a semi-comatose state. The inhabitants of Camp-de-Masque who had gathered around the house wanted to find him, but he was ultimately taken to the hospital. This outraged the crowd — the people deemed it unjust that the aggressor was being taken to the hospital while the victims were still inside the house. The police tried to calm them down. However, they then went to Flacq hospital, seeking the murderer. Members of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) had had to be called in case the crowd needed to be restrained.

It was initially thought that the murderer was a thief. It was only after the young man was found and had given his testimony that his identity was clarified.

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  • I can’t do anything no eating I feel the pain of that family as I got kids same age . That heart breaking .justice need to strong

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