Explosion in Ankara, Turkey: At Least 28 Deaths Recorded

A huge explosion in Ankara, Turkey, has resulted in around 28 deaths, according to Turkish officials.

ankara explosion

Turkish capital, Ankara, has been the target of an “act of terrorism”, claims Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag. Explosives stuffed in a vehicle are behind the tragedy; they were detonated in a region in the vicinity of the parliament and military headquarters.

The blast went off just when military buses were passing by, according to Turkish sources. Witnesses say that the blast was heard across the city.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a statement that they were now more determined to retaliate for such attacks perpetrated in and out of their borders.

No individual or group has claimed responsibility for the explosion yet.

Turkey has been the victim of a series of attacks lately: last month, on January 16, a suicide bombing caused around 10 deaths; back in October 2015, over a hundred were killed at a Kurdish peace rally; another suicide bombing gained more lives in July 2015. Now, there is the fear that the country might face another big attack.

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