Flying Electric Car in 2024, Promises Firm Terrafugia

If you live till 2024, you might see back-to-the-future style flying cars! Massachusetts-based firm Terrafugia says that it will commercialise electric and flying cars that can fit in your conventional garage between 2024 and 2028.

Photo credits: Terrafugia.
Photo credits: Terrafugia.

The ambitious project of developing a prototype of a flying car — the TF-X — will be done by 2018, says Terrafugia.

Wouldn’t one expect such a car to be supremely expensive? Perhaps not. According to the firm, its price might be relatively comparable to that of a high-end luxury car.

TF-X will be driven both on the ground (with electric power) and in the air. While it will be much like a normal car, the TF-X will have additional features like two pop-out propellers for it to be able to get off the ground. Once it has been lifted, the propellers will fold while two ducted fan motors will do the rest; the flight mode will need an internal combustion engine as well as an electric motor. Its speed might reach up to 320 kilometers per hour.

According to a report, the flying car will be semi-autonomous such that the passengers will only have to type in a destination, and it will take them there thanks to computer-controls.

Apart from the obvious science-fiction-like aspects that have to be dealt with before bringing this car into the world of reality, the firm will also have to get across legal issues.

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