HSC Examinations: Success Rates Decrease Further

The performance of Higher School Certificate (HSC) students has deteriorated from 2011 to 2015, reveal the statistics.


The success rate at the HSC mathematics examinations has been decreasing throughout the years. Back in 2011, it was at 86%. It has plummeted to 80% for the 2015 exams.

The success rate for biology is even worse: from 65.2% to 53.1%.

The decreasing trend applies for other subjects like chemistry, economics, and english as well.

The president of the association of rectors, Madoo Ramjee, blames how students rely on the Internet. According to him, they no more do their own research work but only use “superficial information” gathered from the Internet, reports L’Express.mu; in this way, the students do not develop critical thinking.

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