CNT importing semi-low floor buses

Magnetic Card vs Bus Ticket: Union Workers Mention Potential Problems

The jobs of 3,000 bus conductors might be threatened by the introduction of the magnetic card, argue representatives of the Union of Bus Industry Workers (UBIW).

CNT importing semi-low floor buses

Magnetic cards will soon be introduced in buses of Rose-Hill Transport (RHT) and National Transport Corporation (NTC).

The UBIW complain that the decision was made without consulting with union workers. In a statement to, Amzad Beeharry, the president of the UBIW, says that they could have discussed the problems that might arise from the new measure. On top of the loss of jobs, he mentions practical problems that long queues of passengers at bus stops would entail. Another predicament is how will the driver control the number of passengers getting on the bus. Furthermore, there is the law dictating that the presence of a bus conductor is important to guide drivers.

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