Mars Announces Recall of Chocolate Bars in 55 Countries

Following the complaint of a consumer reporting the presence of a “piece of plastic” in a chocolate bar produced in the Netherlands, the firm issued a communiqué in 55 countries.
Mars choco
Mars has announced an international recall of its chocolate bars and sweets in 55 countries. The latter are mostly countries in Europe, like the UK, France, Italy, and Spain. Otherwise, others like Sri Lanka, and Vietnam have been included too; on the other hand, the US has not, as per the statements of a Dutch representative of Mars, reports

The recall concerns only the products originating from Netherlands.

The consumer who made the complaint found a piece of red plastic in a Snickers bar bought in Germany back in January. When the company was informed, it traced back the plastic to a factory in Veghel, a southern Dutch town. The plastic was found to originate from a protective cover that is used in the manufacture of the products. It was then concluded that the affected products are bars of Mars, Milky Way, Snickers, Celebrations, and Mini Mix. Thus, the recall has been done as a precautionary measure.

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