‘Master Plan’ of Heritage City Revealed

The “master plan” of the Heritage City project has been revealed yesterday afternoon, February 18, by the minister of good governance, Roshi Bhadain.

heritage city 2
Heritage City. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.

Heritage City, meant to comprise a new city to accommodate for governmental administrative buildings, will extend over a 145-hectare piece of land situated in Ebene. US$ 820 million will be invested to make of the project a reality.

The office of the prime minister as well as the ministry of good governance together with 7 other ministries will shift to Heritage City. These buildings will be costing US$ 375 million.

Minister Roshi Bhadain said in a statement reported by DefiMedia.info that they have communicated a request for investment to the government of Saudi Arabia and are waiting for a response. If it is refused, Mauritian banks have already expressed their interest in the project.

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