Mauritian Sues McDonalds After Finding Dead Insect in Burger

The Mc Donalds restaurant at Jumbo Phoenix has been found guilty of selling food unfit for human consumption.


Following the complaint filed by a couple who claims to have discovered a ‘foreign body’ in a burger bought at Mc Donald’s of Jumbo Phoenix, the Ministry of Health initiated actions against the fast-food restaurant. That was how the latter was found guilty to have sold food unsuitable for consumption in the court of Curepipe.

The incident goes back to last May when the clients had ordered for a Chicken Burger. They had then found a dead insect on one of the lettuce leaves in the burger. They reported the case to the restaurant where an employee took pictures of the food. However, the responsible party was not present there and the couple reported the incident to the Ministry of Health.

The report of the ministry that was presented in court says that the insect was present before the food was cooked.

On the other hand, the food company argued that the insect did not come from the restaurant. It also affirmed that the client had left the restaurant after buying the food and only returned 20 minutes later. But, according to the magistrate who ruled over the case, the Ministry of Health proved that the complainants were right. The sentence has not yet been pronounced.

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  • Mc donald n a rien a faire avec la sante des gens. Ce qui importe pour lui c l argent, le business. Dans le monde entier c comme cela. Il faut faire fermer mc donald.

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