Murder of Stacey Henrisson: Jayraj Sookur Claims Innocence

Jayraj Sookur, found guilty of the murder of Stacey Henrisson, claims he is innocent. He says that Stacey was his daughter (his step-daughter), and that he is not involved in the case, reports l’


The announcement of the sentence to be pronounced on Jayraj Sookur was scheduled for 1:00 p.m today.

Appearing in court today, he claimed innocence, and he asked for clemency.

On the other hand, the principal State Counsel, Mehdi Manrakhan, asked for an exemplary punishment along the lines of a prison sentence for 60 years arguing that the body of the victim was “dumped like an animal at Plaine-Champagne”. L’ reports the statements of the lawyer as follows: “He coldly and meticulously planned where and when to kill her. And then he dumped her as if she was an animal to him he owed no respect“. According to him, the accused was after the inheritance of Stacey Henrisson.

The defense lawyer, Avineshkur Raj Dayal, said that his client “dumping Stacey’s body like an animal” is but the opinion of Mehdi Manrakhan. He argued that the jury did not provide any reason to justify their verdict. He then asked for a prison sentence of 20 years, taking into account the age of Jayraj Sookur.


The sentence pronounced is 60-years imprisonment. Jayraj Sookur intends to appeal against the sentence.

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