Torrential Rain Warning in Mauritius: Several Areas Flooded

A torrential rain warning is currently in force in Mauritius.

torrential rain

The torrential rain has caused water accumulation in many areas including certain roads. The authorities urge the population to take the necessary precautions.

Several roads are impracticable. Visibility in some regions is also greatly affected.

Inhabitants of Terre-Rouge have had their homes inundated today morning as well as others from Port-Louis.

Near the MRA, Port-Louis.
Near the MRA, Port-Louis. Source: Facebook.

Given the situation, the tunnel at Caudan has been closed for security reasons. The bridge near the MSPCA at Reduit is impracticable and part of the road at Poudriere Street, Port-Louis, is closed. The round-about of Grand-Baie is also flooded. Since many roads are inundated, there is traffic jam in the regions affected.


The service of firemen has been sought by many people during the last 24 hours. They were involved in around 39 interventions on Monday and Tuesday; fallen rocks and trees in regions like Baie-du-Tombeau, Pailles, and Port-Louis required their assistance.

Source: Facebook.
Source: Facebook.

The weather conditions might be improved tonight though. Otherwise, they will persist today afternoon as well because of active cloud formation. The sun will only be back during the weekend.


It has just been announced that companies of the public and private sectors will be releasing their employees at 11 a.m.


  • Open Letter to PM Navin Ramgoolam and Others in relation to Port Louis 30th March 2013*
    Article paru dans Le Mauricien | 15 April, 2013 – 16:45 | Par CLANCY J PHILIPPE

    I have followed with great interest the debate, paranoia, diatribes, media articles and generally uninformed debate about the causes of the floods on the 30th March 2013 that cost the lives of eleven innocent victims and did enormous damage to properties and infrastructure in Port Louis.
    I have been in local government in the United Kingdom, Mauritius (worked at the Ministry of Works and was Town Engineer, Municipality of Curepipe) and in Victoria, Australia for more than 40 years. My current position is Infrastructure Asset Planner at the City of Greater Dandenong in Melbourne and my experience and expertise on stormwater infrastructure planning is to say the least substantial.
    Some people have already told me that I have no right to comment of local matters in Mauritius as I left the country in 1982 for greener pastures in Australia. I have every right to offer my opinion on local matters as I was in Caudan on 29th March 2013 and used one of the two tunnels. On the 30th March 2013, I came very close to visit the Caudan around the time of the flood disaster. I could have been one of the innocent victims who lost their lives on that same day. Further, Mauritius is where “my lombri enterer” and I have every right to comment. In particular, if I can assist in helping the country recover from this terrible disaster.
    As indicated by Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, this flood event is a freak event. The last time a similar flood event took place was in 1865. That is some 150 years apart. A rough assessment in the business of stormwater infrastructure planning puts this as an abnormal event. Current design standards in Australia for example only cater for a 1 in 100 years design criteria. Having said that, I consider that the flooding on 30th March 2013 is abnormal and well beyond current international design standards.
    The second and most important point I wish to make is the following:
    Stormwater infrastructure planning involves a number of players. Namely, Local Government (Municipality of Port Louis) in relation to the operation, planning, upgrade and maintenance of local drains, Ministry for Public Infrastructure in relation to the operation, planning, upgrade and maintenance of major public infrastructures such as the MI and A2 crossing the Port Louis water front, Civil Engineers, Town Planners (both Central & Local Governments) to ensure that the proper identification of flood prone areas is undertaken and proper flood / strategy management put into place, to ensure that land development are not allowed / major structures are not built within flood prone areas, coordination of Emergency Agencies in relation to the safe operation of infrastructure; and putting into place adequate measures to cope with flood situations, to name only a few of the major players.
    Having identified the relevant players involved, not much benefit will be derived from the current paranoia, diatribes and exchange of threats among the respective parties, with everyone ducking for cover and erecting fortifications to avoid being pointed at and anointed as the guilty party(ies). The severe flood events that took place on the 30th March 2013, arose from a combination of events and site specific circumstances (including climate change impacts and high tide at 3.18 pm within the harbour) that can only be analysed and lessons learnt through a collaborative process, not through an exchange of insults and expletives.
    I there implore all parties involved (including the media) to raise the white flags and gather around “round tables” to analyse the flood events of the 30th March 2013 and join forces to identify and collaboratively implement decisions for the good of everybody. Flood waters do not recognise boundaries, political colours or areas of jurisdiction. Forget about political and other differences in memory of the eleven innocent victims who lost their lives and the many flood casualties. That’s the least we can all do. They should not be the subjects of a political football.
    The Champions of the “Round Tables” should primarily be Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, Opposition Leader Alan Ganoo, Lord Mayor Aslam Adam Hossenally, Minister for Public Infrastructure Anil Kumar Bachoo, assisted by knowledgeable stormwater infrastructure planning engineers and town planners, with others as and when necessary. It is also advisable that an experienced wise person eg ex high court judge be present to moderate and coordinate the discussions.

    *Open Letter to
    Navin Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of Mauritius
    Alan Ganoo, Leader of the Opposition
    Aslam Adam Hossenally, Lord Mayor of Port Louis
    Minister for Public Infrastructure, Anil Kumar Bachoo
    Public Media in Mauritius
    Relevant Agencies in Mauritius
    General Mauritian Community in Mauritius and Overseas
    Any other relevant parties
    A Propos de l’Auteur
    Civil and Municipal Engineer

  • Is there any floods in flic en flac please? I’m really worried last yeSr my whole house were damaged . Please let me know

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