Bubble Lodge Comes To Mauritius: Transparent Bubble-Accommodation Under The Stars

Sleeping out in the open, under the stars, with the heaven above you as ceiling without having to deal with the downside thereof like insects, and other threats, sounds too good to be true. But, no more.

bubble lodge

Ever dreamt of sleeping under the stars in a transparent accommodation? This will soon be possible in Mauritius. It was announced last year by firm Bubble Lodge that bubbles will be set up in the tea fields of Bois-Cheri for Valentine’s Day. Transparent bubbles in the middle of greenery provides the impression of having virtually no barrier between the heavens and you while still maintaining a certain distance from the unpleasant surprises in nature like mosquitoes. One unit of the accommodation consists of three bubbles organised into 2 rooms and a bathroom including an exterior shower, all of which is air-conditioned. The air is renewed throughout.

The first Bubble Lodge will be launched this month and included in one of the phases of the “La Route du Thé”. It will also be installed on Ile aux Cerfs in the near future. Around 6 to 8 bubbles will be set up on the island.

The tariffs for the Bois-Cheri opening will be Rs 8,800 per night for two adults and two children.

The project was conceived back in 2006 by Pierre Stephane Dumas, a French designer. His firm Bubble Tree-Paris has went around the world in luxurious hotels and grand events like the launching of l’Oreal products. The firm was drawn to Mauritius because of its potential for eco-tourism.

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