Uninstalling iOS Facebook App Saves 15% of iPhone Battery Life

Facebook iOS app is draining 15% of your iPhone battery life, says new ‘research’.

iphone battery life

The battery life of our devices has grown more and more important to our own life as our hearts have grown increasingly attached to our gadgets. It turns out we would do anything (ok, mostly anything) to extend their ‘lifespan’. You might thus want to consider how the Facebook app is draining your iPhone’s.

Facebook’s app has long been the subject of this topic: battery life. It has been mentioned as a possible cause of draining batteries several times in the past. It is claimed that deleting it saves around 20% of Android’s battery. More recently, another statement is being made: iPhone battery life is also saved. Up to 15%.

In an article to The Guardian, Samuel Gibbs writes that after he uninstalled the iOS Facebook app and used Safari instead, he saved up to 15% of his iPhone battery. He explains that he’d compare the average battery life with and without the app; he otherwise used Facebook for both times for the same amount of time and purposes.

He says that he saves both battery and space on his phone when deleting the app.

Furthermore, similar results were obtained from other tests conducted by other iPhone users.

Facebook says that it is currently looking into the matter.

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