Using Eagles To Take Down Drones: Dutch Police’s New Project

What better way to catch illegally-used drones than to have eagles take them down?

eagle and drone

The easy accessibility of drones has made their control difficult. In spite of the regulations defined by the authorities, some people will still misuse them. Last year, Japan’s measure to manage illegally-flying drones had made headlines: a bigger drone equipped with a net was used to catch trespassing drones. Netherlands has now taken it to another level.

The Dutch National Police has come up with an unprecedented technique of capturing drones used in dangerous ways: using eagles.

In attempts to find ways of dealing with situations where a drone is hindering authorities to tackle emergency situations like when a drone is obstructing an air ambulance from landing, the Dutch police determined to find out whether eagles could do the trick instead of using technological systems.

They worked in cooperation with a firm, Guard From Above, to do so. The eagles are trained to spot drones and capture them. The birds would seize the drones and take them to a safe place on land away from people without posing a threat to the latter. In this way, the drone does not go out of control or fall on people.

Also, the birds themselves might have to be protected from bigger drones that might hurt them. It is said that a protection system might be built to prevent any such circumstance.

The tests are still ongoing. The conclusion will be made in a few months’ time when it will be decided whether or not to use eagles to capture drones.

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