World Biggest Snow Igloo Built in Switzerland

A record-breaking world biggest igloo made of snow has been built in Switzerland.


The largest dome igloo made of snow has been built in Zermatt, Switzerland, at 10.5 m high and 12.9 m in diameter. Tourists and visitors will have access to it until it is brought down after winter.

The news has recently been confirmed by Guinness World Records. The dome igloo has been made by Iglu-Dorf (the Igloo village) building crew to mark the 20th anniversary of the company.

The giant igloo was constructed by a group of 18 people in only 3 weeks. 1,400 snow blocks were used to do so. The interior of the igloo was decorated by professional snow artists after its completion.

To better appreciate its size, know that the previous record-breaking snow igloo was only 8.2 m high and built back in 2011.

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