Worms in Tea Bags: Lipton Argues They Are Actually Lemon-Flavour Pieces

The interpretation of a video gone viral on Facebook alluding to the presence of worms in Lipton tea bags is actually erroneous, according to Lipton.


Some days ago, a video was shared on Facebook allegedly showing living worms in Lipton tea bags.

The person behind the video claims that the tea bags do not just contain herbs but worms as well. According to her, the affected tea bags were of the lemon flavour, and none of those she tested were outdated.

However, other users have argued that the “worms” are crystals which are added to give the tea the lemon flavour. Regardless, the video has been shared many times over, grossing people out.

Lipton ultimately took matters into hand, and in a statement posted on Facebook accompanied by a video of its own, it explained that its tea bags contained no worm at all. Rather, what is being described as a worm is actually a small lemon-flavoured piece. In the video Lipton has shared to address the rumour, the lemon flavour pieces are shown to dissolve immediately when put in hot water — which would not be possible with actual worms.

Lipton has thus reassured its clients that its tea is of high quality and safe for consumers.

“The tea is of the highest quality standard and is absolutely safe to consume. If you have any questions, please contact us here in TT at (868) 800 2525.”

Well, guess what, we cannot believe everything we find on the Internet.

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