Zika Virus Epidemic: Is Mauritius Vulnerable?

As the Zika virus is infecting more and more people oceans away from us, Ministry of Health states that preventive measures have been taken in Mauritius. On the other hand, according to entomologist Rahim Gopaul and Feizal Jeeroburkhan from the NGO Mosquito Watch, the virus might be a threat.


A Zika virus epidemic is currently affecting a number of countries like Brazil and those in its vicinity. The pathogen is transmitted from infected people to others via mosquito bite. Are we Mauritians vulnerable? As per a communiqué released by the Ministry of Health on Friday, January 29, passengers who have been in the affected countries are being monitored. Furthermore, the authorities have reassured the population that the necessary preventive measures are being taken.

The public is still called to take the appropriate measures themselves to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes in their yards and other land property.

The protocol established by the ministry might not shield the population though. Rahim Gopaul and Feizal Jeeroburkhan are reported (in an article of DefiMedia.info) to have said that the protocol might not work because while it stipulates for the observation of the body temperature of people landing at the airport and arriving at the port, most infected people do not show the symptoms of the disease.

Regardless, Mauritians are recommended to take the required precautions on an individual level.

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