3 Weapons Recovered From Crime Scene At Camp-de-Masques

Three weapons have been found on the scene of crime at Camp-de-Masques: a cutter, a knife, and a Swiss knife.


The police has recovered the weapons which are thought to have been used to attack Reshma, Yeshna, and Tushal Rughoobin, last Friday, February 26.

It was initially believed that the cutter was the item used to perpetrate the crimes. However, the injuries on the victims indicate that a knife might have also been used; this was deduced following the autopsy.

The police is currently waiting for analysis results before confirming the suspicions.

It is to be noted that the knife had been found on a couch in the living room of the house of Reshma Rughoobin.

The only victim that is still alive, Tushal Rughoobin, is currently recovering at Flacq Hospital. The young boy was wounded at the abdomen, and he could have died if he had not been transported to the hospital promptly, says Dr Dilshaad Joomun in a statement to l’Express.mu. His surgery lasted for 5 hours, and was fortunately successfully performed.

The tragedy happened on Friday afternoon. When Tushal and his sister returned home from school, their grandmother had already been fatally assaulted. The latter’s murderer had then attacked them. The teenage girl was unable to escape, and died after being stabbed several times. Fortunately, the young boy was able to get away, but not without injuries. The murderer is now in police custody; in his testimony to the police, he said that he had gone to the Rughoobin house to convince the grandmother of his love for her grand-daughter.

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