Ajinomoto Banned in Mauritius As From April

Ajinomoto-lovers, be aware! It will no more be available in two weeks’ time.


The famous ajinomoto will be banned in Mauritius as from April.

Ajinomoto, the commercial name of sodium glutamate, will no more be on the stalls of shops and supermarkets. The Minister of Commerce, Ashit Gungah, announced the ban on the product during a workshop on Tuesday, March 15.

L’Express.mu reports that the food additive is deemed to be hazardous to the health. Several ministries have been consulted before making the final decision. The steps towards the ban were being made since the beginning of this year, and will now be implemented.


  • There are so many snacks that are imported in Mtius that contain MSG. In fact, MSG is unavoidable in snacks. Will those imports also be banned? Let’s be reasonable. Only excess use of MSG may be injurious to health…

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