Brussels Airport Explosions Updates – 26 Dead, Over 136 Wounded

Two explosions at Brussels’ Zaventem airport, Belgium, have resulted in the death of 26 people (as at latest reports). Many more have been wounded, and the emergency services have been attending to their injuries.

Photo credits: David Crunelle (via Twitter).
Some of the injured people following the explosion. Photo credits: David Crunelle (via Twitter).

The exact number of victims has not been confirmed though.

The great hall of Zaventem airport was allegedly the target of a terrorist attack today, according to Brussels police. One of the explosions might have happened in the vicinity of the American Airlines check-in desk.


Brussels Airport is now in lockdown; no airplanes will be landing for some time, and they are being diverted to Antwerp. Belgium has raised terror level to maximum following Brussels Airport explosions and soldiers have been deployed in the vicinity of Brussels Airport.

Update: The death count has been revised to 13 and 35 injured according to the latest report by Belgian broadcaster VRT.

Update: Statements from officials put the death toll at 26, with 136 wounded for both attacks.

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