Camp-de-Masques Murder: Young Survivor Relates His Version

Most of what we know of the crime at Camp-de-Masques is based on what the murder suspect said to the police. Not anymore. The young boy who survived the assaults of the latter has given his version of the events that took place last Friday that led to the death of his sister and grandmother.


Tushal Rughoobin related his version of the events to officers of the Major Crime Investigation Team, yesterday, March 2, in the presence of his parents at the hospital where he was admitted after he was wounded by the murder suspect whom he has also officially identified; he says that he does not personally know the 17-year-old young man, but that he has seen him in his neighbourhood before.

According to Tushal, the suspect and Yeshna were in the living room of the house when he came home. The attacker had run in the direction of Yeshna and stabbed her with a sharp weapon. That was when Tushal tried to escape to inform the neighbours.

It is not yet known which weapon was used to commit the crimes. The police has recovered 3 weapons that might have been used. The officers also took samples of DNA of the family members and neighbours who were found on the scene of crime. As for the suspect himself, the investigators are waiting for the authorisation of his doctor to interrogate him; he had gone through surgery recently after he was found with injuries which are said to have possibly been self-inflicted.

It is also said that the killer might have had friends with him on that day; neighbours relate that they saw two men escaping from the house.

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