‘Coupe de la Republique’ at George V Stadium: Players Engaged in Brawl

A series of incidents happened at George V Stadium, Curepipe, yesterday, March 13, during the final of the “Coupe de la République”.

The incidents during the match. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.

The match being played involved ASPL 2000 and “Cercle de Joachim”; the score was 1-0, in favour of the latter.

One hour into the game, some spectators began throwing bottles onto the playground, and some even snatched seats away – all to proclaim their discontent at the ruling of the referee.

During the last ten minutes of the game, when player Adjel Adjetey got a yellow card implying he was expelled, certain players (Andry Lalaina, Yaw Godfred, Bruno Ravina) got engaged in a brawl.

Meanwhile, their supporters were sending projectiles towards the playground.

The game was thus interrupted for around ten minutes, and thereafter, everyone managed to calm down.

The players had to be accompanied by policemen when they exited the playground.

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  • Welcome to the most “ugly face” in all sorts of sports !!!! This is the time where the Football Association has to “show” their face and clamp down, both players but certainly also spectators.This kind is a disgrace to all sport.

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