CWA: Over 215 Water Meters Stolen in 2015

215 water meters have been stolen from consumers last year, says the Central Water Authority (CWA).

Officers of the CWA inspecting water meters. Photo credits: L'
Officers of the CWA inspecting water meters. Photo credits: L’

This type of thefts is concentrated in certain regions of Mauritius, according to the CWA. Water meters constitute a high content of copper that is said to attract robbers. However, some made of plastic have also been stolen; when the thieves realise the plastic ones are of no use, they will often throw them away in the same region, and the CWA will then find them.

L’ reports that the affected regions include Rose-Hill (22 water meters have been taken away), and Quatre-Bornes (15 meters have been stolen). Then, the water bills of these consumers are calculated based on their last three. Consumers facing this predicament are to file a complaint to the police.

The water-meter thieves will often leave the water pipes leaking. Others are more ‘considerate’ than that, and block them.

A water meter costs around Rs 1,150. The CWA, thus, has to spend around Rs 250,000 per year because of this problem.

To counter this problem, the CWA intends to have more plastic water meters.

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