How The FBI Hacked Into An iPhone Without Apple’s Help?

How was the FBI successful into hacking into an iPhone? Even Apple has no clue how it happened. The FBI recently announced that it was able to hack into Apple’s iPhone. It was previously claimed that the government was unable to get past the heavy encryption of the device. Apple has not yet explained how to restore the security thereof.


The iPhone that has been hacked into was used by a gunman involved in a mass shooting in California. Apple software engineers as well as other experts cannot as yet figure out how the FBI was able to do so without the assistance of Apple.

The FBI is currently reviewing the information found on the iPhone. It is not yet known if anything relevant to the case has been found or not.

When the affair first erupted, Apple had promised to intensify its security for the sake of its users. The matter was even dragged to court: Apple was ordered to develop a software tool that would escape the security mechanisms in an iPhone so that the government could perform a ‘bruteforce password attack’ to obtain the password of the said device. However, Apple had opposed this ruling, and stood firm against it. Despite its efforts, the government has been able to bypass the encryption. It remains a mystery as to how this happened.

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