MH370 Debris Found in Mozambique

Two pieces of debris that have been found in Mozambique are thought to have been part of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.


The finding was announced by Australian authorities today, March 23.

The Australian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester, explained in a press release that following the analysis of the two debris pieces, it was concluded that it was “highly likely” they once belonged to the wreckage of the aircraft that went missing since March 2014.

The discovery of the debris was made separately by a US lawyer and a South African teenager earlier this month respectively. The debris were then sent to Malaysia for analysis where they were found to be consistent with the missing aircraft’s panels. Furthermore, the paint and stenciling of the two objects conform with those used for Malaysia Airlines airplanes.

The search for the debris started back when the plane went missing. The search teams spent months trying to find something, but to no avail. Ultimately, a piece of debris found off the coast of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean back in July 2015 was confirmed to have come from the aircraft.

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