Murder of Lee-Ann Palmarozza: Trial of Peter W. Roberts Starts Today

The trial of South-African Peter Wayne Roberts who is accused of the murder of Lee-Ann Palmarozza, started off today, March 14. He has pleaded not guilty.

Peter Wayne Roberts, the accused.

Roberts pleaded not guilty before Judge Benjamin Marie-Joseph.

He is accused of homicide — he is thought to have been behind the murder of his girlfriend, Lee-Ann Palmarozza. The latter was found dead in a swimming pool in an Anahita villa at Beau-Champ when the couple had travelled to Mauritius for the holidays. The autopsy report mentioned “foul play”.

Roberts was arrested last year, in January.

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  • This must be the best April fool joke around….you clearly have not been sitting with the rest of the journalists in court….as this was not actually what was stated you are doing exactly what the judge told you not to do and misinforming the public it is journalists like you that are giving us a bad reputation here in mauritius. I believe you are probably being misinformed by her family and trying to get to sell a good story . Let me explain in English the court case is still going on….Peter Wayne Roberts has NOT been charged with murder and if you were listening the doctor said there are extreme levels of alcohol and drugs in her body. Today it was again said she is very used to lots of alcohol and from what I have researched from people she had regularly taken drugs. You should do more investigative work if you want a true story and not just work with the family it will help us all to be professional in our job.

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