Pharmaceutical Drugs Banned In India Are Used In Small Quantities In Mauritius

A group of 344 pharmaceutical drugs have been banned in India. These are mainly fixed-dose combinations ones (they contain more than one active ingredient) including antibiotics, anti-cough medicines, and analgesics, according to a communiqué issued by the Ministry of Health of Mauritius yesterday, March 21, to explain that only few of these drugs are used in the country, and that only those recommended by the World Health Organisation feature on the list of essential drugs.

pharma drugs

The interactions between the different compounds entailed in these drugs might be detrimental to health, says the president of the Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius, Ravind Gaya, in a statement to

On the other hand, the ministry has not clarified whether it will follow in the steps of Indian authorities.

The matter is controversial in India itself. Companies reselling the drugs have even filed a lawsuit to contest the decision of the government.

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