Microsoft’s Teleportation Device: Holoportation Transports You Virtually Anywhere

You can now teleport yourself (virtually) to a friend’s house, thanks to Microsoft!

Photo credits: Microsoft, via YouTube.
Photo credits: Microsoft, via YouTube.

Microsoft has concocted a new system, the Holoportation, that allows you to virtually project yourself to people in another room: you will be able to see them as they will see you.

The Holoportation app makes use of specialised 3D cameras that not only capture the said environment but all rebuild it in a VR headset. Wearing the headset thus allows you to see the people who have been virtually projected.

Shahram Izadi, research manager at Microsoft, provides insight into how it works in the video below. Izadi’s colleague, Sergio, teleports himself, and his avatar interacts with him. They are even able to high-five each other.

The world of communication has been stretched to limits that were thought to be non-existent decades ago. Just when we would think we’ve seen it all, the new invention shows that technological headway in this domain can still further revolutionise the way we interact. Imagine using the Holoportation app to communicate with family, friends, or business partners. Instead of video-conferencing, we can now virtually meet as though we were right next to each other.

It is to be noted that the Holoportation system can also be played back; it does not just work in real time.

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