Total Solar Eclipse March 8 2016

Watch out for a total solar eclipse on Tuesday, March 8!

solar eclipse

The solar eclipse will occur between Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9. The event is characterised by the moon passing between the sun and our planet such that the image of the sun is either partly or completely blocked from us.

The first to spot the solar eclipse of tomorrow will be able to see a partial eclipse at 23:19 GMT, and it will last be seen at 04:34 GMT.


A total eclipse will be happening in Indonesia, and the central Pacific, beginning at sunrise in Sumatra, and ending at sunset in the north of Hawaii. Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and some regions of Indonesia will get to see over 50% partial eclipse. Those enjoying about 50% partial eclipse will be Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. Less than 50% eclipse will be seen in Australia, China, Japan, and Alaska. Also, India and Nepal will witness the sun rising partially eclipsed.

NASA had released visualisations of the upcoming eclipse since last month.

The Indonesian population who are to view a total solar eclipse is currently preparing for the upcoming event. Around 100,000 Indonesians are expecting to view the eclipse. They will also be joined by tourists. Many have booked hotel reservations weeks back to be able to have the ideal viewing spots. The Indonesian Muslim population is looking forward to the experience, specially that special prayers to glorify the greatness of God are prescribed for such awe-inspiring occasions.

Indonesian Muslim astronomy researchers set up their telescopes on the terrace at the Agung Mosque for the upcoming total solar eclipse. Photograph: WF Sihardian / Barcroft Media
Telescopes are being set up by Indonesian Muslim astronomy researchers on the Agung Mosque’s terrace. Photo credits:WF Sihardian / Barcroft Media.

Other events have been organised for the occasion in Indonesia, including a special festival, and dragon boat races. On the other hand, some of the tribespeople of the country are dreading the coming of the event: for instance, the Dayak tribe will be holding a ritual with the intention of having the eclipse lasting for few moments only.

NASA will be providing live coverage for the eclipse tomorrow. Find more about it here.

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