World Happiness Report: Mauritius 2nd Happiest African Country

Mauritius is the second happiest African country, according to the UN World Happiness Report released last week.


The World Happiness Report ranks 157 countries in terms of the happiness of the people that is based on a number of issues pertaining to society, health care, employment, and politics. Mauritius earned the 64th position (with a score of 5.648 on 10), making of it the 2nd happiest African country; Algeria is the happiest of the African continent at 38th position.

Only 5 African countries have made it in the first hundred.

The report was released last week, on March 16, just in time for the World Happiness Day that was celebrated yesterday, March 20.

Denmark ranks first in the list with a score of 7.526, followed by another European country, Switzerland, and then by Iceland. The least happy country according to the report is Burundi, which earned a score of 2.905.

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