Canned Tuna Imported From France Contains Toxins Like Mercury

Canned tuna from France that is exported to Mauritius is said to contain traces of toxic substances like arsenic and mercury, according to a French organisation, as reported by


The French organisation ‘60 millions de consommateurs‘ have analysed tuna cans of various brands that are on the market in France, some of which are available in Mauritius. That was how traces of toxins were spotted.

According to the researchers, all of the canned tuna that was tested contained mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. The concentrations of these substances varied from brand to brand. For instance, three of them had a mercury content that was over 0.5 milligrams per kilogram; this is fortunately below the recommended limit.

What of Mauritians who consume these food items imported from France? According to, stores cannot control the content of imported products, as pointed out by a distributor who also adds that the authorities are the ones to do the necessary analysis. also reports that no formal instruction has been given by the Ministry of Health to do further analysis on the items. It is also said that routine tests are carried out at the port on import products, and that no problem has been detected so far.

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