Gmail’s April Fool 2016 Fails Terribly

Gmail’s April Fool 2016 has failed terribly. Google has had to remove an April Fool button from Gmail that was initially meant to send funny animations to recipients following reports of complaints from users.


The button was right beside the normal “send” button. It was being used to send a gif depicting a Minion (pictured above) dropping a microphone, “dropping-the-mic style”. However, it appears that people encountered troubles at work because of this send option.

Upon removing the option, the firm has apologised to users. It says in a statement that they have pranked their own selves this year. Further in the apology note, it reads:-

“Due to a bug, the MicDrop feature inadvertently caused more headaches than laughs. We’re truly sorry.”

It might have looked harmless, but a user claims that he has lost his job because of MicDrop. This statement can be found on Google’s product forums. The user in question claims that he is a writer who submitted articles to his boss, but did not hear from the latter after because he had accidentally used the MicDrop send button to send the email. Many others say they have inadvertently sent a MicDrop email to potential employers.

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