Lee-Ann Palmarozza

Lee Ann Palmarozza Died From Accidental Drowning, Says South-African Expert

How did Lee Ann Palmarozza die? Her dead body was found in a swimming pool in Beau-Champ-based Anahita Resorts in 2014. It was claimed that her boyfriend, Peter Wayne Roberts, had strangled her to death. The latter was found guilty, and he had appealed for trial.

Peter Wayne Roberts, the accused found guilty.

Now, another possibility has been put forward by an expert in forensic science, Dr Gert Saayman from South Africa. According to him, Lee Ann’s death might have been the result of accidental drowning. However, he also did not exclude the theory that she was assaulted. He said so in clear terms during the trial of yesterday, April 5.

Dr Saayman also added that he would have been in favour of the theory of assault if the cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedure and the autopsy were properly done. He argues that the injuries on the victim’s body indicate a vigorous resuscitation, reports DefiMedia.info. He also claims that the autopsy performed by Dr Sudesh Gungadin on the corpse was not “bloodless”. The conclusion of the Dr Gungadin is, therefore, compromised, says the South-African expert.

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