Mauritians Save Money due to Decrease in Price of Fuel

Mauritians have individually saved Rs 7,240 on fuel for a period of 14 months following the decrease in the price of the item.


The State spent Rs 28 billion for the import of petroleum products from India since January 2015 to February 2016, according to Statistics Mauritius. The expenses were up to Rs 37.4 billion for the same time period back in 2014. The demand for fuel constitutes a considerable burden on the main expenses of the State. It accounted for 15% of the total imports in 2015, compared with 19% back in 2014.

If the country has saved Rs 9.4 billion, the population has been saving Rs 7,240 for this year.

The worldwide decrease in price of fuel is behind this trend. The effects are also felt in the travel industry. For instance, Mauritians have been able to travel at a lower price to different countries given that the beneficial decrease also impacted positively on airline companies. Furthermore, the tourist industry has also benefited from the changes.

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