Rainy Weather to Persist Till Sunday, April 17

The current rainy weather conditions are expected to last till Sunday, April 17.

tropical storm

A warning of strong winds is still in force in Mauritius, Rodrigues, and St-Brandon, says the meteorological station of Vacoas.

Winds of 85 to 95 km/h will blow over the island. Torrential rain is also expected in the east and south of Mauritius, and on the central plateau. Outings at sea are highly discouraged.

The cause for the weather conditions is the combination of an anticyclone at the south of the Mascarene Islands and tropical cyclone Fantala at the north. It is to be noted that Fantala is not considered to be a threat to the Mascarenes, which is not the case for Agalega though. The cyclone is actually moving towards the latter, and will be at its closest tomorrow, Saturday, April 16; winds of 100 to 110 km/h are forecasted to blow over the island, and the meteorological station has also predicted waves reaching up to 5 metres.

Fantala continues to move in a western direction.

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