Relocation of Street-Sellers: Shop-Owners Relieved

Now that street-vendors of some streets of Port-Louis have been relocated, shop-owners are rejoicing at the prospects.

street sellers

You will no more find street-sellers in some of the streets of the capital, now that the government has ruled that their stalls are to be relocated. Some Mauritians might mourn their departure from the streets of Port-Louis, but others are of the opinion that it was a good measure; for instance, shop owners believe this will boost their commerce.

L’ reports that store-owners are, in fact, reporting an increase in their number of the clients ever since street-sellers were gone. They are, thus, positive that their sales will go up in the coming weeks. They argue that the street-vendors would set up their stalls in front of their stores such that passers-by would not be able to view the goods that were exposed.

The president of the ‘Front commun des commerçants de Maurice‘, Raj Appadu, says in a statement to l’ that he is relieved the street sellers are relocated because shop-owners will have less competition to deal with; according to him, many of them had to close their shops because of their expenses while the street sellers would not have any additional fee to pay.

This is one side of the coin. As for the street-sellers themselves, they have their own perspective of the situation. They recently announced that they might go on a hunger strike if their circumstances do not improve.

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