Smart Cities in Mauritius Developed Within Certain Standards

The construction of smart cities will only be done within certain parameters defined by the Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) working in cooperation with the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO).

smart cities

The news was announced by the Head of Standards at the MSB, Beejadhur Guness, during a workshop organised by the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), last Friday, April 15.

The main aim of the endeavour is to put forward precise criteria for the development of the smart cities. The Mauritian team will be sending suggestions and recommendations to ISO which is preparing standards for the making of sustainable communities, says Beejadhur Guness; the MSB is no more restricted to making sure companies are aligning themselves with international standards, but rather, it is participating in the process of creating the standards itself. Furthermore, the standards have to be made to comply with the World Trade Organisation.

When will the standards be ready? The process of standardisation takes around nine months, according to l’ The different parties involved will need to consult with each other before reaching a final decision.

The MSB will also set up standards for around 70 other projects, including for ecotourism; the latter plan includes the concoction of an ecolabel.

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