Transforming Victoria Bus Station By Linking it to the Commercial Area of Caudan

Victoria bus station will soon be transformed into an unrecognisable bulk of infrastructure. By the end of 2017, it will be consisting of new, modern buildings, which will be linked to the commercial centre of Caudan.

The bus station as you know it will have disappeared by the end of 2017.

This massive project will be fuelled by an investment of Rs 1 billion that will be co-financed by the government and a consortium of private operators working of Caudan. The end product should be a combination of different compartments for the various bus companies, with commercial centres in their vicinity, together with stalls of street-sellers, reports l’ Furthermore, underground platforms will be set up for passengers, similar to those in metro stations of Europe and Asia.

This will be the first time such a large-scale project will be implemented for a bus station in the island.

The architecture of the transformed Victoria bus station will be in the hands of Gaëtan Siew who is said to be inspired by European infrastructure.

The private operators include IBL, Caudan Ltd, Innodis, and United Docks Ltd. It is not yet defined as to their exact roles and contribution. L’ reports that they might provide for land property to be exploited for the project. However, it is up to the government to decide whether these lands will indeed be used or not.

The first stage of the project will most probably include the construction of an infrastructure to link the bus station to the commercial centre of Caudan. This is expected to ease the movement of people to and from the two spots. This might also be welcomed by the general population, given that the terrible deaths that happened in the underground paths of Caudan during the massive flood of 2013 are still etched in the minds of Mauritians, some of whom might prefer to avoid those passageways.

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  • Redevelopment of this area is long overdue, but a real shame if it involves demolition of one of Port Louis’s few remaining historic buildings, the old Central Station. It’s solidly built and perfectly capable of reuse, but perhaps it’s in the wrong place.

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